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The pictures are pretty, but sometimes the journey is messy!

The Ambassador Hotel

The infamous Cecil Hotel's twin in downtown Jacksonville.

The Hurricane of 1928

There's mass graves in Palm Beach County? You bet your buns there are. Here's why.

Nike Missile Site HM-40: Launcher Area

The time I tried to find an abandoned Cold War-era missile site but wandered into crocodile hell instead.

Sugar & Sushi vs. US-27

The time we urbexed our way to Disney and discovered the texture of US-27.

The Quest for the Bando Morgue

Sugarbomb's method of finding the morgue in abandoned hospitals.

Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle

A mysterious castle built as a monument to lost love.


The early 20th century Everglades town that couldn't stand a chance against the South Florida swamp.

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