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Camp Krome | Nike Missile Site HM-95

The abandoned missile site turned graffiti gallery in southwest Miami.

A.G. Holley Tuberculosis Hospital

The remains of Florida's last hospital dedicated to the treatment of Tuberculosis.

The Escape Hotel

The remains of a Fort Lauderdale beach hotel that was once a luxurious getaway for tourists.

Wynwood Village Apartments

An abandoned apartment complex in Wynwood Art District.

The Beach House

An abandoned beach house right on – and sometimes in – the ocean.

Everglades Gatorland
A former roadside attraction in the middle of the Everglades.

Old Pahokee High School
The historic school that educated Pahokee students for 68 years.

Kennedy's Grocery
An abandoned grocery store surrounded by sugarcane fields.

Nike Missile Site HM-40

A forgotten military base in the middle of the swamp.

Ocean Breeze Golf Club
When urban exploration becomes suburban exploration and then suburban exploration unexpectedly becomes true crime!

Olsen Middle School

An abandoned middle school in the middle of a suburban neighborhood that languished in disrepair for nearly three decades.

Parkway West Regional Medical Center

For decades, the graffiti-covered visage of Parkway West Regional Medical Center – or what's left of it – stood prominently overlooking the Golden Glades Interchange.

Port of the Islands
An abandoned hotel in southwest Florida built on some speciously sold swampland.


Tom Gaskins' Cypress Knee Museum

The remains of a quirky roadside attraction that epitomizes old Florida charm.

Nichols Phosphate Mine

An abandoned phosphate mine in Central Florida's Bone Valley.

Plantation Paradise

The story of the roadside gift shop and fruit stand “where pineapples grow."

The Pineapple House

The mid-century modern gem that was the home of the Pineapple King.


Moulton & Kyle Funeral Home

The remains (pun intended) of the funeral home that embalmed Jacksonville's dead for nearly a century.

Riverside Motel & St. Mary's Liquor Store

The abandoned motel, souvenir shop, and liquor store that can leave you with a sinking feeling if you don't watch your step.

The Arctic Discoverer

The repurposed research vessel that an intrepid oceanic engineer used to hunt down the treasure of the SS Central America.


Georgia Girl Drive-In

The abandoned drive-in restaurant in rural Georgia with a suspicious secret.

Middle Georgia Raceway

An abandoned half-mile racetrack that boasts an eclectic – and distinctly Southern – history including NASCAR, truck commercials, moonshine, and Jimi Hendrix.


Slossfield Community Center

The community center that revolutionized public healthcare in Alabama and helped thousands in Birmingham throughout the mid-20th century.

Carraway Hospital

The early 20th-century hospital that would grow from a small 16-bed infirmary to a massive multi-building complex in the Norwood neighborhood of Birmingham.

F. D. McArthur Elementary School

The abandoned elementary school that’ll give you déjà vu of a survival horror video game.

Ward's Funeral Home

A historic house-turned-funeral-home in southeastern Alabama.

Adams Grove Presbyterian Church

This pre-Civil War era church is known as "the most haunted church in Alabama."



Market Street Power Plant

The abandoned power plant that turned New Orleans on for 68 years.



Palace Theater

This abandoned theater in the once-thriving city of Gary, Indiana stands as a relic of a vibrant past now swallowed by decay.


Cosmic Ray Detectors

Equipment that was once used to study cosmic rays in space now sits grounded in a Chicago alley.



A once prosperous coal-mining town reduced to a ghost town after a fire that started in 1962 continues to burn underneath the streets, making the air toxic and the land treacherous.


Northville State Psychiatric Hospital

This state hospital just outside of Detroit was at one time regarded as one of the best psychiatric facilities in the country.


Cedarbluff Mausoleum

An early 20th century mausoleum in Rhode Island, forgotten and crumbling, left to the mercy of the elements and graverobbers.

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